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Useful links

We recognize that we can't fit the entire tinternet in one site, and other places cover some aspects much better than we could ever hope to. So heres a list of places we find useful.

www.mig-welding.co.uk *THE* welding site, covers all aspects of sticking metal together with heat.

   Everything you wanted to know about a kawasaki 750 turbo, all rolled up and stashed one place.

www.z1ownersclub.co.uk   Everything you wanted to know about a Kawasaki Z1 all in one place

www.urbanextremebikes.com    A site dedicated to Black Rats, Survivalist and Streetfighters.

www.madmaxonline.com    A site dedicated to the original Mad Max, made by the cast and crew.

www.streetfighters.com.au   (massive) Aussie site dedicated to streetfighters

If you have a link you think should be on here, please send a mail to admin@oldskoolperformance.com