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 Welcome to OldSkool Performance 


This place is a space on the web for oldschool aircooled performance specials to share technique and ethos away from the R1 and Busa crowd. We hope this place acts as a forum where performance mods are openly discussed, along with build techniques, tools, mutation with more modern components where appropriate and other such niceties as they apply to true oldskool bikes.

What constitutes a oldschool aircooled performance bike? well, at its heart beats a primeval beast of a four stroke air or oil cooled monster from the 80's or 70's or earlier with the emphasis on the performance modification of such. Round here, water is for making tea. Note theres no mention of marquee here, lets keep the model evangalism to the one make sites. And lets leave the restorers to the pointless arguments about what was original.

Why is this place 'oldskool' and what's that all about anyway?
The concept of "Oldskool" is pretty much the entire foundation for this website. Specifically: Oldskool is our flavor of "Old school", a term commonly given to something that, while old, was (and still is) innovative, fresh, proper, clever, and generally correct and the right way to do things. The old school begets the new school (anything new and modern), for you certainly can't get to anything new without going through the old. For example: The GS1000S is the old school, while the GSXR1000 is the new school evolution of thus. Old school is, ultimately, a term of respect.
We have respect for the people who modified "classic" ujm's for performance back in the day such as Yoshimura and Moriwaki. They made them do things they shouldnt, and they pushed the bikes to new limits because they were clever and because they had to make do with what they had (unlike today, where you can buy a bike off the shelf that just does it). They achieved the impossible because they didn't know it was impossible. That's oldskool.

Those of us back in the day who used to admire oldskool, continue to do so, and probably will until we die. Now that some of us are older , we can try to educate the new blood with what we've learned from experience. Some of us are the new blood who have seen the light and recognize the above.
Some of the younger folk in today's popular culture use "old school" as an interchangable term for "retro"; some even use it when making fun of the past. But oldskool is a term we proudly use with the utmost respect, and I hope you will too.

The pistol above is a James Reid "My Friend" knuckle duster gun circa 1880s, 7 shot 22 rimfire,it's a real oldskool knuckleduster. Its unique, practical, ornate, well crafted and you still end up just as dead when shot with the surprise seventh shot.

Finally this place is a composite of many people's work and inspiration. You are invited to add to the rich tapestry.
Please come along and browse our active forum if the above makes sense to you, or better still wade in and get involved. We'll see you there right?