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Frequently Asked Questions!

This section is intended as a reference guide and to stop people having to answer the same old questions over and over.
If you can't find the answer to your question here, or in the "How to" pages , ask in the forum.

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How do I submit a faq for here? First, make sure you are logged in, either here or on the main forum, if you do not have a forum account, you need to sign up for one to use this system.

Ok logged in? good.
Now, click on the "here" link just after the "To submit a new faq please click" text above.

Enter your question into the top box, and the answer into the bottom box.
Hit "Submit FAQ"
You should get some confirmation that the faq has been submitted, and that it is awaiting approval. Now sit back and wait for a mod to deal with it
You should either see it approved, or rejected (and if its not obvious why,the moderators will have contacted you to explain).
Submitted by MrFluffy.

How do I get my bike in the site gallery? You need to have a forum account, and be logged into the forum or the main site proper using your usual forum login and password.
Pictures need to be in the jpg format, and under 1000x1000 pixels in size (and theres no real need for larger than that surely?). The script with make up thumbnail versions and stuff after you upload them, so just put on the main pics you want. It will put the first one you pic as the highlight in the gallery page. You can have up to 9 pics on any one gallery entry.
Also, once you've hit submit, you should get a page saying that your entry has been added.
It WILL NOT BE IMMEDIATELY VISIBLE NOR SHOW UP IN THE GALLERY BROWSE LIST , instead the moderators will get a message saying youve uploaded the entry, and they have to go along and click approve or reject on the entry. This is purely to stop inappropriate stuff being uploaded (spam, hardcore donkey porn etc). Once we approve the entry, your gallery entry will be immediately in the list. Donkey porn will be stashed away to blackmail you with later on.

If you are a lucky peep, and have more than one bike you want to upload, just make multiple entries, one for each bike.
Submitted by MrFluffy.

I want one of those funky avatars in the forum, how do I go about uploading my own? Go to the forum and click on your User control panel, then click on "Profile" underneath the heading "user control panel".
A greyed out menu will appear underneath with one of the options as "edit avatar". If you mouse over these, they will light up, and clicky when this option is lit.

This will take you a menu with a box with "Upload from your machine:" wrote on it.

Click on browse and select the avatar from your local machine, or enter the web address of a avatar you would like to use in the "Upload from a URL:" box.

Hit submit, voilla, all uploaded and attached to your profile.
Submitted by MrFluffy.

Changing Tyres.. Bit of a Dark Art...or so its made out to be... Hardest Part is actualy Breaking the Seal between tyre & Rim.... Simple.. Let All the Air out "removing the valve core is the easest" Place wheel on floor "Old bit of carpet or rubber mat ."i use a piece of conveyor belt" Take one garden spade.. Just place the spade on the bead tight to the rim and push down to brake the seal...You may have to stand on the spade in some cases...Remember to do both sides Once thats done its the basicly same as doing a push bike tyre DnD
Submitted by Duckndive.

how do i get my bandit-r1-fireblade-busa to look oldskool-? carefully remove all the bouncy or roundy bits-give them to a member of then throw your oily or watery pretender in the skip -sorted.
Submitted by beerbellykelly.

Ive heard theres a map of oldskool owners somewhere but I can't see it? There is a owners map but you have to be a forum member to see it.
To view the map you have to be logged into the forum, whereupon a link will appear on the menubar that you can click to go to it.
To get on it, follow the instructions in the sticky at the top of general discussion.
Submitted by MrFluffy.